St Johnston - Carrigans     ~ Co Donegal.

Work starts on our Resource Centre!

“Work is progressing rapidly”

Report by Mark McCrossan July 1999

Machinery moved into St Johnston recently as work started on the development of the new resource centre.  This follows a meeting a few weeks ago when pen was put to paper as the contract was given the green light by the contracters, committee members and the North Western Health Board (NWHB) respectively  following four years of negotiations and planning between the local community, NWHB and Peace and Reconciliation.

Those who signed the contract were, Ian Mc Conachie (Quantity Surveyor, James Doherty (Contractor), Patrick Harvey (CAO,NWHB), Hugh Conaghan(Chairman of NWHB) and Mary Crossan (Vice Chairperson of the Resource committee)

Those who endured many sleepless nights in the development committee making ventures materialise were; Chairperson, Derrig Higgins; Vice, Mary Crossan; Treasurer, Deirdre Browne; Secretary, Frances Browne.  Board of directors- John O Donnell, Nan Lynch, John Mc Cartney and Stephanie Patterson.

Frances Browne, Secretary of the development committee has said that it is “a fantastic achievement for the St Johnston Carrigans area and said the centre will have an open door policy.  “When up and running we will have a diversity of events to suit everyone, already we have set up a youth programme and plans will be discussed shortly about the elderly.”