St Johnston - Carrigans     ~ Co Donegal.

Songs and Poems related to St Johnston and Carrigans

The Waders

By Paula Lynch


St Johnston Co Donegal

By Paula Lynch


The Strabane Fleet

(a song sang to the Air of Limerick is Beautiful)


At the Milltown

(a poem from 1910 about the Milltown that lies about a half a mile from the village of St Johnston)


Prayer - memorised by Johnny Bradley


Mongelvin Castle


St Johnston by Margaret Campbell

This poem captures the village atmosphere from 1962.


Dunmore Tragedy - Poem

Written by Moses Wray in 1938


St Johnston -  A Poem by James D Scott


I had but 50 Pence by Sam Dolan


Poem by A Bashful Author


Dan Brown's Wagon


Poem By William O Hagan


St Baithin's Hall


Autumn Leaves


Song featuring Carrigans composed in 1921