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11 May 1955 St Baithin's St Johnston Confirmation

1400 Anniversary of St Baithin Saint of the parish

1954 Killea Chapel Opening Events

1959 and how life was locally St Johnston Carrigans

2003 images taken around the St Johnston area

2010 archives for community notes St Johnston Carrigans

2011 St Johnston and Carrigans archives

2012 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

2013 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

2014 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

2015 archives for community notes St Johnston Carrigans

2016 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

2017 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

2018 50th anniversary of opening of Carrig Inn

2018 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

2019 community notes archive St Johnston Carrigans

A Fianna Fail receipt from 8 June 1950

A German plane comes down near St Johnston!

A little bit of history, Drumucklagh School

A photo from 1972-3 of Drumucklagh pupils

A poem set in St Johnston

A popular pilgrimage site for locals in the past

A tragedy, Margaret Lynch nicknamed Margaret Pack

Abducted soldier returns home to St Johnston 1974

Abercorn estate tenants in the Laggan from the late 1700s

Actress Deirdre White, former resident of St Johnston Main St

Aerial shot of Drummucklagh School

After school club in St Johnston Carrigans FRC

Alexander Doherty noted local poet who was born Legnathraw

Alice and Johnny McCallion with Paddy McFadden

Alices Bar, Killea

Altaderry National School document

Altaghderry school made a contribution to our area

Altar Lee, Binnion, the mass rock

AMERGE St Johnston Carrigans Group

An Bord Snip Nua St Johnston Carrigans

An essay on St Johnston

An essay on Stumpy the gruesome local legend

An old photo from Drumucklagh School

An Open Door Stories from St Johnston and Carrigans Resource Centre

Andrew Coll Ard Baithins vintage driving licence

Andrew Taylor, a local farmer who kept good work records

Ann Matthewson local singer

Annie Hamilton a century old in 1965

AOH Band St Johnston

AOH Images from St Johnston

AOH Pipe Band St Johnston going the Main Street in 1935

AOH Sacristans House, St Johnston

AOH, St Johnston

April fool prank from 1985

Archdeacon Deeney Parish Priest St Johnston Obituary

Archdeacon Deeney, St Johnston, a letter

Archdeacon Edwin Moore ordained 1951

Archdeacon with Fanny Brown and others

Archive on community notes 2008 St Johnston Carrigans

Archive St Johnston Carrigans notes 2004 to 2007

Archives 2009 community notes St Johnston Carrigans

Ard Baithin Housing Estate St Johnston photographs

Ard Baithin housing estate top row

Ard Baithin Letter from Co Council

Ard Baithin Middle 26 June 2005

Ard Baithin people from the 1950's

Ard Baithin St Johnston - Front View

Ard Baithin, St Johnston

Ard Baithin, the building has begun!

Ard na Meala St Johnston

Ardagh School 2016 in the hills near St Johnston

Ardagh School near St Johnston

Ardagh School up in the hills is a distant memory

Argony Pipe, a much loved public house

Article from 1899 about St Baithen

Article in the paper on Confirmations 1952

Article on Resource Centre

Articles on the rich heritage of Carrigans, St Johnston

At home in St Johnston and Ard Baithin

At St Baithin's Church in the sixties

At the Milltown a poem about St Johnston Carrigans area

Aunt Mattie - a picture from a postcard

Autumn Leaves by poet Alexander Doherty

Bairds Farm House near St Johnston Co Donegal

Ballylennon Presbyterian Church 2005

Battle of the Somme, France, 1916

Beginning of Main Street St Johnston

Behind 210 Ard Baithin home of the Coll family

Bella Ryan Nee McBrearty of Momeen

Bertie Brown, Danny Rutherford, Barney McCauley

Bertie Roulston wrote the history of Monreagh Congregation

Binnion District written by Brother Philiip Lynch

Binnion Hill Photo of its famous landmark The Barkie

Binnion Hill where James II once stood

Bishop McFeely of Raphoe Diocese and Archdeacon John Deeny

Bishop O Doherty went to Carrigans and Monreagh schools

Bits and pieces of history regarding the railway

Blue Ball St Johnston

Boat on Foyle 29th August 2005

Boathole early 1930's

Boathole St Johnston

Boathole St Johnston Railway Road - 29th August 2005

Bombed factory Carrigans

Book of Honour St Johnston Carrigans

Boyagh School and its St Johnston Carrigans links

Brendan 'Sox' Devine

Brian McDaid drowning tragedy

Bridge connecting St Johnston to Ard Baithin 26 June 2005

Bridie Lynch, local athlete

Building Castletown School

Canon Daniel G Cunnea parish priest St Johnston Carrigans

Car Registration Book

Carfin - St Johnston AOH

Carnival Pictures St Johnston

Carnival St Johnston late 1970's

Carrigans 1821

Carrigans 1990's different workmen

Carrigans Flax Mill

Carrigans House of Death

Carrigans Irish CountryWoman

Carrigans Main Street

Carrigans Oldest Photo

Carrigans Postcard Photo showing the School

Carrigans Railway Photographs

Carrigans School The school wa

Carrigans Scutch Mill

Carrigans Skirmish 1938

Cassie Peoples, Becky Tinney and Pearl Tinney Ard Baithin

Castletown National School

Castletown National School Sabbath Society

Castletown National School nostalgic photo

Castletown National School St Johnston memories

Castletown National School Today

Castletown National School, St Johnston a sepia picture

Castletown School - Old and New

Castletown School Boating outing

Castletown School Records

Catherine Peoples Meals on Wheels

CE Participants get their presentations in Nov 2010

Cecily Mackworth, Sister of Helen who died in 1938 Tragedy Carrigans

Chapel at the Wauk Mill

Chapel Bell July 2005

Charlie and Rosaleen Coyle

Children Allowances

Choir St Baithin's Church from 1960 inc Mrs White

Chris McNulty never missed a day at school

Christianity in St Johnston and Carrigans Area

Christmas Party 1956 in Hibernian Hall St Johnston

Church Lane, St Johnston

Church of Ireland in Taughboyne and its Celtic Roots

Civil Survey 1654 gives the townlands back then

Clashygowan, a St Johnston townload

Clipping of Presidential visit 2001 to St Johnston

Clippings from Democrat re Fishing

Colm and Baithin Carlin building a boat

Conference of St Baithin, St Vincent de Paul

Confirmation St Johnston 1952 or 1953

Confirmations at St Johnston 1952

Costa St Johnston when the town baked during a 70s parade

Council rent Alex Ross document

Couple in Photo St Johnston Carrigans website

Craighadoes Chapel of Ease

Craighadoes on the side of Binnion Hill

Craighadoes Pupils 1963

Craighadoes School, Church of Ireland

Craighadoes School, Mid-1930's

Cricket Club, St Johnston

Cricket Field, Railway Road, St Johnston

Cross at St Baithin's Church

Customs & Excise Kildrum, Donegal

Daisy Campbell and Friends

Daisy Campbell of Castletown a St Johnston writer

Days of their lives, Ard Baithin

Dead man found in St Johnston 1922

Debbie Tree in grounds of Dunmore House

December 2009 newsletter St Johnston Carrigans

Demographic Profile St Johnston and Carrigans area

Derry Standard early 1950's - Stumpy

Derry to Strabane Train 1960

Dillon, Allen depicted and Hugh Mary Bovaird wedding

Disco etc at Kinnycally Hall

Dolly McCarron's first communion

Donegal Fertiliser Factory

Donegal Meats, Drumnashear, Carrigans

Donegal Scenes - photos from days gone by

Dorothy Trotter writes on the Dunmore House Tragedy

Double wedding Taughboyne Church 1963

Down Memory Lane 1940 and 1950

Dr White who served the local community

Drumbeg School just beyond the parish

Drumucklagh 1926, an image of the Listanna Quinns

Drumucklagh National School overview

Drumucklagh National School photo from the 1970s

Drumucklagh National School, Old Photograph

Drumucklagh Past Pupils

Drumucklagh School 1909 pupils

Drumucklagh School closes

Drumucklagh School Reunion

Dunmore House Picture

Dunmore House, Carrigans

E J White undertaker and St Johnston businessman

Earliest ever St Johnston Photo

Early 1900's Taughboyne Church

Eddie and Maggie McBrearty celebrate 1989

Eddie McCausland electrician and motor rally man

Egg store and Quay at St Johnston

EJ Whites Shop St Johnston

Eunan and Margaret Crumlish wedding 1966

Events for the young in 2006

Excellence through People Award

Factory bus trip Swilly bus 1972

Fallen Tree, Debbie Tree, Dunmore

Family Held in Siege St Johnston Carrigans

Family Photograph showing Lizzie and Andy Coll Moneymore

Farming St Johnston and Carrigans

Father Joseph Diver from Carrigans

Fatima Statue in St Baithin's Church

Feis Choir under 12s with Sally McGinty

Fianna Fail Cumann St Johnston

Field Workers Dillon, Peoples, McGlinchey, Wilson

Fire at Brown and Devenney houses Ard Baithin

First Ever Carnival in St Johnston 1976

Fishermen 1969 River Foyle

Fishermen at work on the Foyle 29th July 1949

Fishermen on the Foyle 29th July 1949

Fishermen working at the Foyle 1949 29th July

Fishing at St Johnston and Carrigans

Fishing on the Foyle Article

Fishing on the Foyle Letters to the Editor 1960

Flemings St Johnston

Folklore and My Binnion Childhoo

Food in the St Johnston Carrigans area

Football Field, St Johnston

Fr Niall Coll and Fr Joseph O Donnell, native St Johnston priests

Fr Oliver McCrossan, Columban Missionary to Philippines

Fr Oliver McCrossan, Columban Missionary to Philippines

Frank McBrearty, Hughie Dillon and Barney Peoples in Buncrana 1962

Frank McGurk and William Crawford - CCCP Carrigans

From a Cricket Field booklet

From Journal 1948 Mayflower and Willie Lynch

From Killea publication 2001

From William Bells shop in 1934

Fun on the Main Street, St Johnston 1982

Funeral of Rev Alexander Lecky Ballylennon

Gallagher Family

George Tinney Ard Baithin

Ghost Stories for the St Johnston/Carrigans area

Gibson and Gallagher and Sharkey represented four men in Ard Baithin

Gibson Family from St Johnston Carrigans website

Gibsons and Dan Cassidy

Glenshane Pass Drama - 30 March 2010

Glentown Quarry - what the papers said

Glentown Quarry History

Glentown Slate Quarry

Glentown Slate Quarry near St Johnston

Glentown St Johnston death in 1935

Goodbyes 2016 to Carol McCrossan and Geraldine McNamee

Gormleys, Fiona Curran and John Lynch Maymore etc

Grace, Mary and Charlie Diver

Group of people - Rockfield 1950s

Group of St Johnston people 1953

Halloween in the Resource Centre

Happenings at the Carnival St Johnston

Happy Days in St Johnston

Headed Paper Glentown Quarry

Hearth Money Tax 1665

Heroes of a forgotten war newspaper clippings

Hibernian Band Photo St Johnston Carrigans

Hibernian March Letterkenny 1990

Historic Monreagh School Closes 2011

History of Churches in St Johnston and Carrigans Area

History of the Schools

History Trail - St Johnston and Carrigans 2013

Holy Well, Churchtown, Carrigans, St Johnston area

House Churchtown Taughboyne

How St Johnston Looked in ...

Hugh Alexander Carrigans

Hugh Gormley Craighadoes St Johnston

I have but 50 pence a Sam Dolan poem

ICA St Johnston clippings from 1980

ICA St Johnston Jubilee 25 years in 1980

Image of a Hearth from 1936

Images from the Past St Johnston Carrigans

Inscription - Erected by the Bishop of Raphoe 1626

Inscription on gravestones regarding the Dunmore Tragedy

Inside St Baithin's Church, St Johnston

Inside the AOH Hall late 1940s

Interviews - Mary Crossan and Frankie Brown

Irish News on Dunmore Tragedy 1938

Irish Press on Glentown Quarries

Items on the legend of Stumpy

James D Scott - Poem about St Johnston

James Patton local Jack of all trades advert

Jennie Coyle, married name McNulty

Jimmy McGrory famous sportsman, the St Johnston connection

Jimmy, Danny and Jimmy Senior Gibson fishing on the Foyle

Joe Bovaird marries Marie Gallagher

Joe Peoples and Cricket Club

Joe Peoples and McCann's Bar, St Johnston

Joe Peoples with Ann, Paddy and Rose Crossan

Joe Peoples, Jim Roulston serve at Christmas Party

Joe Peoples, St Johnston

John Bartley Shannon headmaster of St Johnston school

John Coyle, Carrickadawson, Raphoe, in uniform

John Hume visits the Resource Centre in 2004

John Mitchell, Barney Peoples and Patsy Coll

Jonathan Campbell 1949 - 2010

Jonathan Campbell's local photos

Joseph Gillespie priest with the Legionaries of Christ

Joshie Magee turning on the lights for Christmas

Josie Magee and Andy Coll retire from Rankins

July 1966, photos from Ard Baithin

Justice and Peace Committee Chairman, McMenamin

Kathleen Matthewson and her children

Kellys Shore Lane St Johnston

Kildrum Presentation Derry Journal 1976

Kildrum Tigers 1950s

Kildrum Tigers Friel's Hotel

Kildrum Tigers veterans 1994


Killea Parish Churc, Church of Ireland, ih in Carrigans

Killea Parish Church Graveyard 7th August 2005

Killea School, now Carrigans Church Hall

King was in St Johnston Carrigans in 1689

Kinnically Band late 40s on Confirmation day

Kinnically Flute Band 15th August 1936

Kinnycally Hall images from 2007

Lady in cloak in sepia photo

Lady in hat unknown St Johnston Carrigans website

Lady on bench unknown from St Johnston Carrigans site

Lady photographed in Derry


Laggan Co-Operative Taughboyne Creameries

Latta Family in Taughboyne Parish

Leaflet Road Trip early draft 2013

Lecture Hall, Church Lane, St Johnston vandalised 2008

Lecture Hall, St Johnston

Lee McDaid's photos of the railway St Johnston 1964-1965

Lent in days gone by St Johnston Carrigans

Letter - Archdeacon Deeney

Lifebuoy Soap was once found in every local house!


List of Entitlements to Spinning Wheel Premium 1796

Lizzie Coll, very old prayer card

Local gossip newsletter December 1999 St Johnston Carrigans

Local school life long ago St Johnston Carrigans

Local Security Force St Johnston Carrigans

Locals from St Johnston Carrigans attended St Eunans College

Locals participated in Orange band marches in Rossnowlagh

Lunch Club late 2000s St Johnston

Madeline McCann whose roots were in St Johnston Carrigans

Maggies, Carrickmore a well known rural public house

Main Street, St Johnston, photo from a century ago

Manse, St Johnston, early 1930's

Map of St Johnston 1835

Margaret Gormley Donegal County Council

Market Square Letterkenny image of locals

Mary Bradley of Ard Baithin

Mary Harrigan 99 Died 1 April 1975 - of Feddyglass

Mary Houston, nee Gormley

Mary Lynch and Tom Quinn Wedding 1914

Mary Ross, Carrigans School 1920s, Cert of Merit

Masonic Hall, St Johnston

Mass Rock on Binnion Hill

Master Sean McBride in Newtown Football Team 1935

Master Shannon and Class

Matthew Peoples soldier

Maurice Toland scored for Finn Harps after just eight seconds

May 1993 confirmation at Killea Church of Ireland

McAdoo Family of Dernacally St Johnston

McCools former Shop Glentown St Johnston

McDaid Family of 2012 Ard Baithin

McFadden Family with Annie and Mary Doran

Meals on Wheels newspaper clipping

Men working with the potatoes St Johnston Carrigans

Men's Initiative Participants go to the Poisoned Glen and Dunlewey

Men's Initiative Trip to Doagh 2009

Mickey Gibson marries Cathy Peoples 1973

Mickey Sheils of Cavanacaw with Jake the Donkey

Milk and Donegal Farmers, Londonderry Sentinel

Millars - Milltown, St Johnston

Millar's Glen down Millar's Lane

Ministers Monreagh Carrigans

Misc old photos of local interest

Mission September 2004, St Baithin's

Mongavlin Castle a relic of our rich past

Mongavlin Castle Article

Mongavlin Castle in the paper

Mongavlin Castle Old Photograph

Mongavlin Castle, 1880s

Mongavlin Castle, a spot of history in Donegal

Mongevlin Castle a poem

Monreagh National School

Monreagh National School in bygone days

Monreagh Presbyterian Church photographs 2005

Monreagh Presbyterian Church, old photographs

Monreagh School closes

Monreagh School with teacher's residence

Monreagh Stone

Monsignor Dan Carr parish priest St Johnston Carrigans

More Cricket Club St Johnston images

Mrs McSparran beloved wife of Rev McSparran

Mummer's brig near Churchtown, Carrigans

Mysterious woman depicted on St Johnston Carrigans website

Names of Householders in St Johnston 1794 Listed by Surname

Nature Walk St Johnston Carrigans area

New bus service 2009 St Johnston Carrigans

Newly Formed AOH Division

Newsletter 1999 July

Newspaper clipping - transport issue

Newspapers announces Resource Centre plan for the area

Nov 1 1944 Bill from St Johnston businessman EJ White

November 2005 presentations Community Employment Scheme

Nurse Rita Pearson deceased 2020

Nursing report 1957 St Johnston Carrigans

Old Bridge at Kinnycally

Old Graveyard St Johnston

Old Graveyard St Johnston

Old House Kinnycally St Johnston 2007

Old Photo of St Johnston Presbyterian Church

Old Photographs from St Johnston and Carrigans

Old Photos Monreagh School

Old Photos, people of St Johnston and Carrigans area

Old Playschool Building 2 July 2005

Old Playschool Building 2 July 2005

Old Postcard Picture of Carrigans

Old Road 27th August 2005

Old Wedding Photograph

Oldest known photograph from Drumucklagh National School

Oldest map of the area St Johnston Carrigans

Oliver Duddy, Brendan Coll and Daniel Duddy

On improvements needed in St Johnston

Online Museum - images artefacts from the past

Orange Hall, St Johnston

Orange Hall, St Johnston

Orange March St Johnston 2007

Orange Order St Johnston Carrigans

Orange Order St Johnston Carrigans

Outside Toland's Shop St Johnston

Overview of schools that served St Johnston and Carrigans

Paddy Coll Ard Baithin

Paddy Peoples - St Johnston Car Sales

Parade at St Johnston Carnival

Parish Priests Buried in St Johnston

Party - Jackson's Hotel 1983

Past Local Happenings - this and that

Patrick Gormley Craighadoes old photos

Patrick Gormley St Johnston Carrigans

Patrick McBrearty a local actor

Patsy O Hagen Story

Pearl Millar's Fundraising Trip

Pearsons of Craighadoes St Johnston of turkey sales fame

Peggy Duffy on Pony and Trap

Pension Act 1948

People from Ard Baithin in the 1950's

Phonsie Brown and Patrick Gormley April 1987

Photograph of Fishermen on the Foyle with a net

Photographs from St Johnston in Days of Old

Photos at Glentown Quarry

Photos marking the 70th birthday of Ard Baithin

Photo of Bob Gormley and a friend dating from the 1920s

Photos of religious photos and events St Johnston Carrigans

Photos taken from top of Binnion Hill, 2012, Jan

Pictures of Cobbles from the town

Pictures of the McNulty family Ard Baithin

Pioneers often met after Mass in St Baithin's Church

Playschool St Johnston 25th Anniversary

Portacabin comes to the Resource Centre 2002

Postcard image of the Main Street in direction of the River Foyle

Postcard St Johnston conveying good wishes

Postcard Various - St Johnston

Poteen Making in the St Johnston Carrigans area

Prayer used at local Protestant Churches

Presbyterian Manse, St Johnston, Donegal

Presbyterian Ministers St Johnston area

President Mary McAleese officially opened the Centre in 2001

President Mary McAleese Visits St Johnston

President officially opens the Resource Centre 2001

President photographed with twins

Quay Workers 1949 Railway Road St Johnston

Quigley's St Johnston a major local store that sold everything

Quinn Family, Leiticia, Robert Tess

Race Against Time, St Johnston an event from circa 1985

Railway Bridge at Boathole St Johnston

Railway Park St Johnston

Railway Road 29th August 2005

Railway Workers at Fermoy around 1960s

Rankin rolls back the years - Cricket

Rankin's Farm, workmen depicted in the yard

Raphoe Letter 1835 calls Carrigans Carickeen

Rationing - food was not for the taking during the war

Rebecca Hamilton and the Cure

Residents Road rage finally over

Resource Centre becomes Centre for learning 2009

Resource Centre contractor advert

Resource Centre plan 2009 St Johnston Carrigans

Resource Centre Research regarding history

Resource Group St Johnston Carrigans formed the Centre

Reverend William Hanna St Johnston Presbyterian Minister

River Foyle Shore 26 June 2005 near St Johnston

Riverview Meats on the outskirts of St Johnston

Robert Gormley Craighadoes passport from 1948

Robert Jackson had shop in Carrigans

Robert Wilson Hamilton

Rose and Billy Duddy 1958 wedding

Rose Duddy Main Street married Pat French

Rose Peoples Wedding Rockfield

Roulston family record written in Old Note Book

Royal Mail - similar to what had a stopping point at Blueball, St Johnston

Ruined Church Old Graveyard July 2005

Running Order President Mary McAleese Visit

Sadie Gibson Peoples Moore and family

Sam Maguire Cup at St Baithin's School in 1993

Sammy Bovaird and Friends

Samuel Quigley's Main St St Johnston

Sarah Gallagher, mother of Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson, James Gibson's mother

Sarah Jayne Leech, Bard of Lettergull

School Photo believed to be Castletown NS pupils, very very old

Schools St Johnston and Carrigans area

Scoil an Leinbh Iosa shown in 2005

Scoil Leinbh Iosa, Carrigans National School

Sean MacGiolla Bhride

Search My Site

Seated lady - St Johnston Carrigans website

Seated lady and gent

Selection of Photographs Autumn

Shops in St Johnston

Site of Old Chapel at Mill

Sleighing in Ard Baithin

Smiles in St Johnston and Ard Baithin

Snippets about clothing

Snow St Johnston 28 Dec 2000

Social Services 1966 depicting former parish priest Rev Mulreaney

Social Services Christmas Parties at the Resource Centre

Social services committee St Johnston and Carrigans

Social Services Party 1970's

Song - Dunmore Tragedy

Songs and Poems related to St Johnston and Carrigans

Songs and Poems related to St Johnston and Carrigans

Spider Kelly and Carrigans

Sponsored jiving at the Resource Centre

Sport photos St Johnston Carrigans

Sports 1973 an article about local sports from the paper

St Baithin by Marion Shepherd

St Baithin, Patron of St Johnston and Carrigans

St Baithin's "New" School, St Johnston

St Baithin's AOH, Letterkenny 15 8 1990

St Baithin's Church History

St Baithin's Church in the 1980's

St Baithin's Church postcard 1909

St Baithin's Church, St Johnston misc photographs

St Baithin's Confirmations 1952

St Baithin's Hall - a poem

St Baithin's National School RC

St Baithin's National School, Blueball, 1941

St Baithin's National School, pupils in the 1980's

St Baithin's NS Communion class approx 1998

St Baithin's Old School, Blueball, St Johnston

St Baithins Parish Band St Johnston

St Baithins School, Early 1940s

St Baithin's School, National School No 2 St Johnston

St Baithin's School, Pupils, Early Forties

St Baithin's Youth Band

St Baithin's Youth Band - Chapel Road

St Baithin's Youth Band in new uniforms

St Baithin's Youth Band in original uniforms

St Baithin's Youth Band parade in Ard Baithin/Chapel

St Baithin's Youth Band photograph from the newspaper

St Baithin's Youth Band used to practice in St Baithins NS

St Johnston - Old Photo of an unknown family

St Johnston about the area

St Johnston and Carrigans and the Great Famine

St Johnston and Carrigans Community Employment Scheme

St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal Official Website

St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre

St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre 2005

St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre, Presidential Visit

St Johnston and Carrigans FRC objectives

St Johnston and Carrigans FRC, Centre for Learning

St Johnston and Carrigans in 1900

St Johnston and Carrigans Landmarks

St Johnston and Carrigans Pagan Heritage

St Johnston and Carrigans Resource Group - a Major Success

St Johnston and Carrigans Today

St Johnston area, medley of photos from long gone days

St Johnston by Mary Crossan

St Johnston Carrigans 1900s

St Johnston Carrigans from a book

St Johnston Carrigans notes archive 2020

St Johnston Carrigans Website Rabbit Hunters

St Johnston Co Donegal by Paula Lynch

St Johnston Congregational Church 26 June 2005

St Johnston Cricket Club

St Johnston Drowning Tragedy 1917

St Johnston Fair was known far and wide

St Johnston History

St Johnston Improvements Committee 1970s

St Johnston Main Street Middle 7th August 2005

St Johnston Main Street Sunday 7th August 2005

St Johnston National School pupils in the paper

St Johnston National School Roman Catholic

St Johnston No 1 National School

St Johnston No 1 School, 1909 image

St Johnston No 1 School, pupils 1914

St Johnston people - a misc

St Johnston Playschool 1991

St Johnston poem by Margaret Campbell

St Johnston Postcard Photos showing sections of the Main St

St Johnston Presbyterian Church

St Johnston Quay 1949 with egg store depicted

St Johnston Sign 2 July 2005

St Johnston, Lynch's bar

Standing Stone Classygowan June 2005

Standing Stone Rockfield 2007

Stone Deek Fishermen St Johnston Carrigans

Stones for mashing up whins St Johnston Carrigans

Story of a St Johnston House

Strabane Fleet a tune to the air of Limerick is beautiful

Strabane Lifford Notes covers Taughboyne ICA

Street happiness and a gist of the community spirit

Stumpy's Brae - Today 2012

Surnames in St Johnston and Carrigans

Taughboyne Church of Ireland 25 June 2005

Taughboyne Churchyard headstones 2012

Taughboyne District Nursing Assoc Report 1945

Taughboyne District Nursing Assoc Report 1946

Taughboyne National School

Taughboyne Rectory Church of Ireland 25 June 2005

Taughboyne School a distant memory

Teachers St Baithin's School

Teresa Peoples, Isobel Gibson, Martha Gilchrist and others

Thanks to those who helped in creating the website

Thatching a skill needed for most local houses in the past

The Blacksmith, a major trade in St Johnston and Carrigans areas

The Carlin Family of St Johnston Carrigans area

The Choir, St Baithin's Chapel an essay

The Churches of St Johnston and Carrigans

The Churches of St Johnston and Carrigans

The Crescent Showband

The Crolly Doll written by local teacher Sean McBride

The Dunmore Football Team

The Fairy Faith - fairies were a stable of local faith

The Graham Family Museum

The Legend of Stumpie

The Legend of Stumpy's Brae

The Lynch Sisters with Marlene McCarron

The manse at Monreagh now the Ulster Scots Centre

The Original Alice's Bar Killea

The papers cover the Carnival St Johnston

The Penny Trough of Craigadoos

The Resource Centre begins

The stocking man murder from long ago

The Stumpie's Bray - the original ballad

The tragic road deaths of Pat O Donnell and Jimmy Coll

The Waders by Paula Lynch

The Wee Paper, Strabane Lifford Notes from the 80s

Those were the days, Ard Baithin

Tilly Lamp - a necessity in days gone by

Time Capsule in St Johnston chapel foundations

Tinneys of Ard Baithin

Tolands Corner 1954

Tommy Peoples Famous Violinist

Tractor McCready, Bond, Toland, Crossan

Tragic Accident 1950 William Porter

Train images by O Dea St Johnston and signal master depicted

Transport locally in the 19th Century

Trensallagh St Johnston faces drama in 2008

Trentamucklagh School photos from 2007, St Attracta

Trentamucklagh School, Late 1970's

Trevor O Donnell and Bertie Brown

Triple deaths Dunmore Carrigans 1938

Turtle Bunbury St Johnston Carrigans

TV Programmes 1983

Two Army Men 1942 Edward O Reilly

Two elderly ladies

Two Old Photos including Hugh Gormley Craighadoes

Two old photos, Hugh Gormley with bike and a girl

Tyler Toland, Damien McGinty, William and Damien Duddy

Ulster Scots Education Centre at Monreagh

Ulster Scots Heritage Centre Monreagh Carrigans

Ulster Scots language - many of the words are listed

Unemployment Assistance Form 1933

Vanishing Memories by Taughboyne History Group

Various postcard images from St Johnston and Carrigans

Veronica Devine & Eugene Crawford Hibernian Hall

Very old photograph of a girl

Victorian Photo from St Johnston Carrigans website

Videos of interest St Johnston Carrigans area

View of St Johnston from Old Road

View of St Johnston from Old Road 27th August 2005

Vincent Doyle local man who changes lives

Visit to Stormont Mabel Porter, Norman Moore and George Friel shown

Wakes were major community events in the past

War News 1941 a relic of the Second World War

Ward Family Pharmacy, St Johnston

Ward Newspaper Clip relating to train crash

Wards - Whitehill, St Johnston

Warning School Non-Attendance

Washing clothes a detested difficult chore in days gone by

Water Campaign Carrigans - Mid-fifties

Water Pumps Main Street St Johnston 27th August 2005

Waterway Cleaners from the mid fifties

Wauk Mill July 2009 St Johnston

Wedding of Bella John Bovaird Ard Baithin

Wee Pat O' Donnell, famed for working at cars

When the birth of the Resource Centre was announced

White's Filling Station in the sixties St Johnston

Wilkin's shop, Carrigans

William O' Hagen Poem

Willie and Paddy Ross ploughing 1963 Newtownhamilton

Windows to the past, old photos St Johnston Carrigans

Work starts on our Resource Centre

Workmen at the former railway line, St Johnston

Youthful rabbit Hunters at Kinnycally get some guidance




Download The Laggan and its People by Mrs Campbell