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Choir, St Baithin's Church, 1960

Back, left to right

Teresa Brown (later Teresa Neely), Noreen Duddy (daughter of Dan and Hanna Duddy, Ard Baithin), Mina Coyle, Betty Brown (daughter of Cass - nee McCrossan, and William Brown, Tullyown), Veronica Devine,  Mary Jo Peoples (daughter of Cassie and Alec Peoples, Ard Baithin - later Mary Jo Grant), Margaret McNulty, Vina Patton (Ard Baithin, daughter of May and John Patton - later Vina McClintock), Ann McNulty (now Ann Ross)

Front row, left to right

Ann Housten, Jean McNulty (now Jean Bovaird), Mrs Ethel White (choir-mistress - lived on Main Street and ran a drapery shop, she died  Feb 23 1982 aged 86), Isobel Devine, Rosemary Peoples (now Rosemary Toland)

Bridget Housten is the little girl in front of Mrs White

The photograph was a Christmas gift from Ethel White to the choir members.  The original altar of the Church can be partly seen in the background.  This altar was removed in the 60's.  When you go into the chapel from the west door, there is an area at the back to your right.  There was a boxed in set of seats there where the choir performed.  This photo was published in the Strabane/Lifford Notes 1983 in the 1980's and titled ST. JOHNSTON CHOIR - 1960.

Here is the back of the photograph. 

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