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Boys enrolled in Drummucklagh National School September 1909

Hugh Coll Craigadoes
John McCarron Ballylennon
Robert McBrearty Drummucklagh
Willie Shiels Drumcrow
Joseph Gormley Drummucklagh
Willie Coll Craigadoes
Tom Rodden Feddeyglass
Tom McBrearty Drummucklagh
Dan Wilson Craigadoes
John Rodden Feddyglass
James Tourish Drumbeg
Philip Gormley Drummucklagh
James Rodden Feddyglass
Hugh McBrearty Drummucklagh
Willie Cassidy Legnathraw
Joseph Cassidy Legnathraw
Tom McElhinney Dromore
Edward Farrel Dromore
Pat McBrearty Drummucklagh
Patrick Harrigan Feddyglass
John Coyle Carrickadawson
Michael Coyle Carrickadawson

This is the list of girls enrolled in September 1909.

Rose Rodden Feddyglas
Cassie Lynch White Cross
Ellen Tourish Drumbeg
Mary Lynch White Cross
Cassie Wilson Craigadoes
Mary Rodden Feddyglass
Maggie Wilson Craigadoes
Lizzie Rodden Feddyglass
Mary Harrigan Feddyglass
Mary Tourish Drumbeg
Annie McGhee Drummucklagh
Jane Tourish Drumbeg
Maggie McGhee Drummucklagh
Mary McGhee Drummucklagh
Letitia Quinn Drumbeg
Annie Quinn Drumbeg
Annie Gormley Drummucklagh
Bella Harrigan Feddyglass
Mary Doherty Craigadoes
Jane McElhinney Dromore
Maggie McElhinney Dromore
Katie Farrel Dromore
Ellen Kelly Dromore
Maggie DevenneyCraigadoes
Cassie Kelly Dromore
Maggie Coyle
Sarah Coll
Maggie Cassidy Legnathraw
Annie Lynch Carrickadawson
Maggie J Lynch Carrickadawson
Mary McDaid Whitehill
Ellen McEllhinney Lettergul
Mary Kate Lynch Carrickadawson
Mary Breslin Swilly
Maggie Porter Malinagun

There were 411 boys and 355 girls enrolled in Drummucklagh NS during its history.


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