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Drumucklagh National School, Parish of Taughboyne

This school opened in September 1909 with 57 pupils. Children started school at six years of age and left at fourteen years. During its lifetime, 411 boys and 355 girls passed through the school. There were two class rooms with a sliding partition and it was heated by two open fires. The principal teacher in 1938 was Mr. Peter C. Carr. The school closed in 1980 and its pupils amalgamated with those of Trentamucklagh and the former St Baithin's National Schools to become one new school, St Baithin's National School, St. Johnston which opened for the first time on Monday 9th May 1980.

By Hugh Doherty

Here are some stories from the schools collection 1938. Courtesy of Duchas.

The Binion Mass Rock

The Binion Mass Rock is situated in the centre of the northern boundary of Mr. Tom McKane’s farm. The farm is situated in the townland of Binion in the parish of St. Johnston, Co. Donegal. It is along the side of the field. It is about four feet high. It is almost flat at the top measuring about three feet broad.

It is sheltered by a whin ditch from the north wind. The mass was said during penal days about one hundred and fifty years ago. The field which contains the stone is still called “The Altar Lea”. The last priest to say mass there was a father Harkin. He was concealed in the Catholic houses of the district.

An Old School

About seventy years ago there was a dwelling house turned into a school. The name of the teacher was Mr. Stewart. The old house is still standing yet. It is at the corner of Mr. Furey’s house.

The teachers were paid by the week. There was no Irish used at that time and there was no reading out of books. They taught nothing but sums and reading the Bible.

Peggie Gallagher, Momeen, St. Johnston

This story was told to me by my father of the same address.