St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal



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Random Snippets about food

There were many hen owners in the past as the humble chicken egg was a popular part of the staple diet. The belief that a hen needed a comfy bed to encourage it to lay more eggs led many to use newspapers to make beds for the hens. Chip shops asked for newspapers so that they could wrap up the fish suppers (ie fish and chips) for their customers. This custom was carried on locally into the 1970's.

There used to be an egg store that belonged to Corcoran's from Derry down at the boathole until the early seventies.

Wilkin's in Carrigans and Long's in St Johnston received beer from Dublin and other places for bottling. Their bottling businesses were successful and the crockery bottles are interesting collector's items.

Reverend S.M. McSparron provided tap water to more than 60 houses during 1974 through his Rock Burn Water Scheme.