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2016 Goodbyes to Carol and Geraldine

Goodbyes: Summer 2016 will be remembered as the season of goodbyes in the Resource Centre with the departure of two much loved and inspirational women who have given their time, energy and generosity to St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre.

Carol Mc Crossan took up her position as Project Administrator in St Johnston and Carrigans FRC in October 2003 having moved from Edinburgh to St Johnston to start a new life. Carol was an excellent administrator and played a pivotal role in the shaping of the centre through her many skills and talents. Her ability to manage figures and produce financial reports as well as her needlework and craft skills are renowned throughout the region. It was not unusual on occasions to find Carol demonstrating crochet or knitting in the front hall to help out with a project that had gone wrong carefully unpicking stitches while gently providing instructions as to what to do next to salvage the masterpiece. Summing up events and outings through her thoughtful poetry and colourful scrapbooking, capturing many treasured and happy words, images and memories of goings on that included every person, place and experience shared together. Carol has physically left the building to follow her dreams and enjoy her retirement, however she is still everywhere in the centre as she has left behind her mark in the best way possible perfect bookkeeping and creative touches. We wish her happiness and love in the future surrounded by her family particularly her grandson Rowan and the best retirement present ever her new granddaughter Molly Belle.

Geraldine Mc Namee has been part of the management committee since 2008 and held the position of chairperson from 2012 -2016. During her time as chairperson Geraldine has guided the centre through a period of tremendous change, cutbacks and uncertainty while still maintaining a high standard of programme outputs, working methods, policies, approaches and outcomes making full use of her years of experience in management, supervision and adult education. Geraldine’s commitment to the project was unfailing supporting the staff and the work of the centre by a daily presence in the centre while working quietly as a volunteer in the background to support students of all ages with their literacy and educational studies. Her work in producing and editing the centre’s own story ‘’The Open Door’’ will remain a living testimony to her brilliance and commitment in the years to come. On behalf of the staff, management and community of St Johnston and Carrigans FRC we wish to acknowledge and thank Geraldine for all she has done and wish her happiness and health in the future. Welcome to our new Project Administrator Rosie Rodgers who has joined the staff team in the centre.