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  •  St Johnston and Carrigans Articles

    "The Dunmore Football Team" song

    Jimmy McGrory - the sports star with the St Johnston connection

    Tragic road deaths in 1991 - clipping

    April Fool Prank 1985

    Heroes of a Forgotten War - a Derry Journal Article

    Vanishing Memories published by Taughboyne History Group

    Irish Press on Glentown Quarry

    St Johnston History

    Brendan 'Sox' Devine

    Irish News on the Dunmore Tragedy

    Drowning Tragedy River Foyle 1917

    List of articles on legend of Stumpie

    Triple Tragedy: Carrigans 1938

    St Johnston - Social Economic Success by Mary Crossan

    Carrigans Flax Mill

    Nurse writes on the shooting tragedy

    Lizzie Coll Mass leaflet from 1930

    Millars of Milltown

    St Johnston Town Map 1835

    Donegal Farmers and Milk 1930s

    Rankin Rolls Back the Years - Cricket article from 2005

    Cecily Mackworth obituary - sister of Helen who died in Dunmore Tragedy 1938

    Laggan Co-Operative

    William Porter Accident 1950

    Carrig Inn 1968

    Monreagh Ulster Scots and Education Centre

    Article on Fishing in St Johnston Patrick Gormley December 2004

    May 2013 History Trail Notes

    Archdeacon Deeney and Killea Chapel

    Hugh Alexander article

    Book of Honour - Great War Dead

    Castletown School, Old and New

    Clippings on Mongavlin Castle

    Cumann St Johnston

    St Johnston Carrigans 1900s

    Orange Order, St Johnston

    Bishop O Doherty was a pupil of Carrigans and Monreagh schools

    Carnival St Johnston 1976

    Kildrum Tigers Veterans 1994

    Dictionary of Local Dialect

    Joe's Bar formerly McCann's Bar

    The origin of the name, St Johnston

    Local Gossip Newsletter 1999

    Hugh Gormley Senior 1879-1953

    Information on Diver family

    Kellys Shore Lane

    1974 Abduction of Eugene Patton - Ard Baithin

    Local Heroes 2017

    The townland of Clashygowan

    A Tragic Death from 1922

    My Story by Patsy O Hagan

    Carrigans 1821

    Maggies Tavern, Carrickmore

    1835 Letter about the area - written in Raphoe

    Hibernian Band, St Johnston

    The Cure for Shingles Rebecca and Tom Hamilton

    Christopher never missed a day at St Baithin's School

    Retirement of Master McBride

    Bombed Factory Carrigans early 1970s

    History of Christianity in the local area

    CCCP Motor Factors 19944

    St Boyne's Holy Well, Churchtown

    "Wee Pat" Pat O Donnell

    St Johnston and Carrigans - entries in a book

    Willie Lynch "Mayflower" 1948

    St Johnston Fair

    Local History/Placenames by Rev Philip Lynch

    TV Lineup on RTE Jan 1983

    Road Trip 2013 Leaflet

    Social Services 

    Glentown Quarry

    Poteen Making - St Johnston and Carrigans Area

    Fishing Article Democrat Nov 2011

    Fishing on the Foyle - Letter 1960

    How St Johnston Looked Long Ago

    Milk and Donegal Farmers, Londonderry Sentinel

    The building of the new bridge 1999

    Retirement from Rankins

    Research done by Resource Centre into local history

    The "Wee Paper" - Strabane Lifford Notes

    Lagan Desert

    Chapel at Wauk Mill

    Sports 1973

    The Boat-Hole - Railway Road

    A German Plane comes down during WW2!

    Altar Lee, Mass Rock, Binnion by Hugh Doherty

    Graham Family Museum - Ardagh

    Debbie Tree Dunmore

    Matthew Peoples a former soldier who lived Ard Baithin

    Patrick Gormley - Folklore Story

    Murder in Carrigans 1938

    Bridie Lynch - Olympics Athlete

    Mary Houston - with her daughter Bridget

    JB Shannon

    Ann Matthewson - Country Singer

    The Legend of Stumpy's Brae

    A school essay about the Stumpy Legend

    Stumpy's Brae from Derry Standard early 1950s

    Ghost Stories

    Fleming Engineering

    Famine in the St Johnston and Carrigans area

    Donegal Meat Processors

    Snippets from the Past

    Castletown National School Records

    Families Held in St Johnston Siege

    Old Money

    Laggan Area Tenants 1794

    Catherine Peoples Meals on Wheels

    Patrick Gormley and the website

    The first set of pupils enrolled in Drumucklagh School 1909

    Drumucklagh School History

    The Blacksmith

    Riverview Meats

    Farming in St Johnston and Carrigans


    Fr Oliver McCrossan, Columban Missionary to the Philippines

    Daisy Campbell


    Mary Bradley

    Rescue at Glenshane Pass, March 2010


    Double Wedding 1963 Taughboyne Church

    St Johnston  - the history of the village

    Church hall attacked 2008

    St Johnston and Carrigans Demographics

    St Johnston Carrigans in 1900's

    After-schools Club late 2000s Resource Centre

    Celtic Christianity in Taughboyne

    St Baithin - 1400 Anniversary

    1899 article about St Baithen

    Mongavlin Castle Feb 2005 by Patrick Gormley

    Mongavlin Castle, Article by E McIntyre

    Article on Local Surnames

    Annie Hamilton 100 on 7 Nov 1965

    Railway - St Johnston and Carrigans

    Transport 1880's

    Strabane Lifford Notes - Taughboyne ICA

    Binnion Hill

    Lecture Hall

    St Johnston Retail - shops and pubs

    1959 - Life Back Then

    The Story of the Local Schools

    E J White

    The Stocking Man Murder

    The Story of Margaret Pack's tragic death

    The Penny Trough Story from Craighadoes

    Another version of Stumpy from Ardagh School

    How old schools were modeled

    History of Local Churches

    Householders in St Johnston 1794

    Andrew Taylor

    A photo of the Main St, St Johnston studied

    Robert Wilson Hamilton

    Oldest Map of the Area

    St Johnston and Carrigans Pagan Heritage

    Fairy Faith


    Customs and Excise by Bridget McKenna

    The Crolly Doll

    Monreagh School Closure 2011

    Alexander Doherty Watchman

    Civil Survey 1654

    James II and St Johnston

    Song featuring Carrigans composed in 1921

    Madeline McCann

    List of Entitlements to Spinning Wheel Premium 1796

    Hearth Tax for Taughboyne

    Latta Family Members emigrating from Taughboyne

    Canon Daniel Cunnea DD

    Monsignor Dan Carr

    Story of a St Johnston House

    Confirmation Photo - St Baithins May 1955

    St Baithin's Church - History in Summary

    St Baithin's Church - The Story of the Choir

    St Baithin

    St Baithin by Marion Shepherd, December 2008

    Rev Alexander Lecky's Funeral at Ballylennon 1929

    Time Capsule

    Glentown Quarry History

    Joe Peoples Umpire of St Johnston Cricket Club

    Ward Newspaper Clip

    St Vincent de Paul Society, St Baithin's Conference

    Orange Order, St Johnston

    Tilly Lamp


    Tommy Peoples - Famous Musician and Composer

    Joe Peoples writes about St Johnston History (1999)

    Wakes in times gone by


    "Spider" Kelly

    Patrick McBrearty Actor

    Playschool History

    Brian McDaid

    Gravestone inscriptions relevant to the Dunmore Tragedy

    Rev Joseph Diver from Carrigans

    Dunmore House, Carrigans

    Dunmore Tragedy - Poem

    Trensallagh 2008

    Turtle Bunbury

    James Patton business ad from the 1980's

    Orange Order March 2007

    Cobbles in St Johnston


    School Long Ago



    Mary Jane (Dugan) Ward and her family

    Jonathan Campbell

    The McAdoo Family, Dernacally, St Johnston

    Ulster-Scots Heritage Centre, Monreagh

    St Baithin's Youth Band

    Wards Family Pharmacy

    Priests Buried in St Johnston at St Baithin's Church

    Lent here - long ago

    Argony Pipe

    George Tinney

    Vincent Doyle

    Recent History

    Justice and Peace Committee Chairman, McMenamin

    Carrigans skirmish 1938 from Derry Standard


    Interviews - Mary Crossan and Frankie Brown


    Download The Laggan and its People by Mrs Campbell