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Congratulations to Josie McGee and Andy Coll for having reached retirement age after long years of faithful service on Rankin’s farm.  At an age when most people are happy to put their feet up, however, they continue to work – Andy on a full time basis and Josie part time.  Josie began work in the mid forties when horses provided the pulling power around a farm, but then of course machinery took over and Josie became familiar with and expert at operating and maintaining all sorts of machinery.  He became known in the area as having a strong preference for his beloved Massey Ferguson tractor and inspired one local wit to pen an amusing poem called Magee’s Massey.

Andy began work in the early fifties and under the careful guidance of the late Mr Josie Rankin developed a liking for the various building repair jobs which are common around a farm yard.  Andy is a man of great patience and when he finishes any job you may be sure he finishes it to perfection. 

Best wishes to both on their retirement!

From newsletter July 1999