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Mary Houston - Nee Gormley and her daughter Brigid - later Brigid Brown



Photo courtesy of Robbie Houston. 

Robert Gormley and his wife Mary, nee Coll, had a daughter Mary who was born in 1865. 

Mary resided at Ballylennon St Johnston when she married Michael Houston on 12 May 1884

Here is the wedding certificate. 



Son/Daughter Year of Birth
Robert 1886 - born Craighadoes
Frank 1896
Ned 1906
Peter 1898
Mick 1899 - born Carrickmore
George 1908
Sarah 1894
Mary 1879
Bridget later married Denis Brown
Annie 1904

Mary's mother Mary was present at the birth of Roseanna McBrearty her grand-daughter 28 July 1893 at Drumucklagh.  Roseannas mother Hanna McBrearty was formerly Hanna Gormley, Mary's daughter and sister of Mary Houston.  Mary Gormley could not write and put her mark on the birth registration which took place 22 August 1893.