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Old Money

The Old Money as it was known, was the £ which stood for Libra.  The s which stood for Solidus.  The d which stood for Denarius.  The £ was of course the Pound.  The S was the Shilling.  The d was pence.  A 6d piece was thought to be lucky and was referred to as the lucky sixpence. 

The Shilling was worth 12d.  20 Shilling was worth a Pound. 

Today it can be reckoned that 2d of the Old Money would be worth about only 1 cent! 

In 1971, the Old Money came to an end and it was then Pound or Punt and pennies. The Pound or Punt went out in 2002.

In 1957, a man working in an industry could expect to earn just 3s 5d per hour.  Weekly wages often came to what is just €10 today.  Many worked 46 hours a week for that!  A woman would earn considerably less than a man.  Often women were paid about 2s per hour. 

A new and good bicycle in those days cost about £12 19s.  When a man on average earned £7 17s 10d a week, we see how much of a struggle life had to have been in those days.

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