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The Secrets of Placenames in St Johnston and Carrigans

When the townlands of the parish first got their names, they undoubtedly got them because of some physical feature that was to be seen.   

Carrickmore – big rock

Carrigans – Small Rock

Castletown – A castle or more likely a fort was there once

Clashygowan – Sandpit

Craighadoes – Modern version of Craighadooish which means coarse pasture.   Clearly at the time it got its name, it was running wild and needed a lot of work. 

Cuttymonhill – formerly Cuttermore Hill.  This seems to mean a cluster of small houses.

Imlick – land on the edge of a lake

Kinnically – Height with woods on it

Lettergull – a Hillside that is very steep

Maymore – Big plain

Molenan – Mill

Moness – Long Bogland

Mongavlin – plain

Monreagh – plain

Rateen – little fort

Steravage – Habitation of Danes called Vage

Tubberslane – of the well with healing water

Tullyowen – Owen’s Ridge

Some townlands such as Whitehill are a little hard to explain.  There is a height there but no hill and the white can only be explained by it getting its name during a snowfall. 

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