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St Johnston Quay 1949

This photograph was taken in May 1949.  It depicts the group of fishermen who had assembled in protest against the Foyle Fisheries Commission.  The Foyle Fisheries Commission had decided to make the controversial decision that the maximum length of a draft net had to be 85 yards.  Until then, there was no restriction on the length of a draft net.  The fishermen went on strike for a week.  This strike compelled the Commission to change the maximum length to 160 yards.  This decision was accepted by the fishermen.  Here is a list of the men in the photograph.  Neil Lynch, Matthew O Donnell, John Robb, John Coyle, Bobby White, Charles Coyle, John McGill, Thomas McCrossan, Eddie Houston, W McGee, Bobby McLaughlin, W Brogan, John O Donnell, Dan McGee, Robert McLaughlin, Sandy Carlin, Daniel Colhoun, John Kildea, John Kees, Alex Peoples, Patrick O Donnell, John Patton - nickname Dempsey standing with hands on hips on the right of the gentleman wearing spectacles, John Doran, John McCann, Edward Carlin, John Carlin, C Hagan, Tom McNulty, James McLaughlin, W Lynch, Francie Curran, James O Donnell.  The staff of the egg store can be seen in the background with Denis McCready.

The building in the background is the Egg Store.

Information courtesy of the Strabane Lifford Notes.

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