St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal



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This photograph was taken at St Johnston Quay in May 1949.  It shows a group of the local fishermen who had gathered to protest against a decision by the Foyle Fisheries Commission to make the maximum length for a draft net 85 yards.  Previous to this a draft net could have been any length.  After the fishermen had been on strike for a week, the Commission changed the maximum length to 160 yards which the fishermen accepted. Included in this photograph are: Neil Lynch, Matthew O' Donnell, John Robb, John Coyle, Bobby White, Charles Coyle, John McGill, Thomas McCrossan, Eddie Houston, W Mc Gee, Bobby McLaughlin, W Brogan, John O Donnell, Dan McGee, Robert McLaughlin, Sandy Carlin, Daniel Colhoun, John Kildea, John Keys, Alex Peoples, Patrick O Donnell, John Patton, John Doran, John McCann, Edward Carlin, John Carlin, C Hannon, Tom McNulty, James McLaughlin, W Lynch, Francie Curran, James O Donnell, Robert McGlinchey, William Browne, Andy Browne, Wille Stephenson, Dan Duddy, Barny McBride.