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St Johnston & Carrigans

John Scott: John Scott kindly gave the following information which is of historical interest.  My grandmother Georgina Quigley lived in St Johnston until she left for England as a nurse in the Great War. Her father was Samuel Quigley.   My father was named after her brother James Lynn Quigley who died at the Somme.  I gather another of her brothers drowned in the Foyle when he and two other lads got into difficulty. Does anyone have details of this tragedy?  I can't help but feel that there is a largely untold story of the families of East Donegal who went through some of the most momentous events in history. WW1, the Somme, partition, civil war, exile and then WW2.  In my grandmother's case it has a happy ending. She nursed my grandfather who had been shot in WW1, fell in love, married and settled outside Manchester. Her 3 sons all served and survived WW2 my father disappearing for a year before she heard through "Vatican sources" that he was a POW in Japan. She died in her 80's having been looked after by her daughter Mary for many years.