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List of Entitlements to Spinning Wheel Premium 1796

Parish of Taughboyne


The Entitlements to Spinning Wheel Premium scheme was intended to encourage the growing of flax.  The premium applied to people who sowed between the 10th Day of March and the 1st Day of June.  They had to have good enough land to grow the flax, good seed and enough seed.  The land used had to be at least an acre.  They had to have four spinning wheels.  But they could have two reels in lieu of a spinning wheel. 


The County Inspector was Mr William Boyd.  The Linen Board supervised the scheme and was contacted at the Linen Office in Dublin. 


The List by Surname, then Name 


Alexander, Andrew    

Alexander, Cairns    

Alexander, James    

Alexander, Joseph    

Alexander, Robert    

Alexander, Samuel    

Alexander, William    

Allen, John    

Allen, Robert    

Alleson, Joseph    

Anderson, James    

Armstrong, William    

Bartiy, William    

Beacon, William    

Blair, Eleanor    

Blair, Samuel    

Blee, Neal     

Boggs, Joseph    

Boyd, Samuel    

Boyle, Patrick    

Buchannon, Finlay    

Cameron, James    

Campbell, John    

Campell, Hugh    

Carland, Richard    

Carothers, Moses    

Chambers, Mathew    

Chambers, Solomon    

Clendennin, Samuel    

Cochran, Robert    

Colhoun, Andrew    

Colhoun, John    

Colhoun, Samuel    

Conaher, Hugh    

Corvan, James    

Cowan, Hugh    

Cowan, Jane    

Cox, John    

Coyle, Bryan    

Coyle, James    

Crawford, James    

Crawford, Thomas    

Culbert, James    

Cunningham, Rev. Wm.    

Doack, John    

Doack, Samuel    

Doack, William    

Dougherty, James    

Dougherty, Roger    

Douglass, John    

Douglass, Sarah    

Duncan, George    

Duncan, John    

Elliott, John    

Elliott, William    

Elliott, Wm.    

Flannagan, Michael    

Forrest, William    

Forsyth, Jane    

Frame, Widow ?    

Galbraith, Henry    

Galbraith, Humphry    

Galbraith, John    

Galbraith, Josiah    

Galbraith, Robert    

Galbreath, Josias    

Gallaugher, John    

Gallaugher, Michael    

Gallaugher, William    

Gamble, James    

Gilfillin, John    

Gilgo, Samuel    

Gillilan, David    

Gillilan, William    

Gillilan, Wm., Sr.    

Gilliland, John    

Glackin, James    

Goorley, Andrew    

Gordon, John    

Gordon, William    

Gormlay, Samuel    

Gourley, Samuel    

Graham, Mathew    

Haltrige, Margaret    

Hamilton, Alexander    

Hamilton, Andrew    

Hamilton, Mathew    

Hamilton, Samuel    

Hannagin, John    

Hannigan, Oliver    

Haragh, Patrick    

Haslett, John    

Haslit, Joseph    

Haw, Michael    

Hazlett, William    

Heastey, John    

Hogshead, Walter    

Houston, James    

Hutchinson, Andrew    

Hutchinson, James    

James, George    

Jameson, William    

Jordan, Moses     

Kelly, Wm    

Kelso, William    

Kilgore, Joseph    

King, John    

Lackey, Mathew    

Laird, James    

Latta, Abraham    

Latta, Alexander    

Latta, James    

Latta, John    

Latta, William    

Leckey, Andrew    

Leckey, Wm.    

Leetch, Thomas    

Lindsay, Margaret    

Loughrea, Patrick    

Lourey, Andrew    

Lowrey, Alexander    

Lowrey, James    

Lowrey, Robert    

Lowrey, Samuel    

Lowry, Andrew    

Lowry, Robert    

Lynch, John    

Lynch, Phelim    

McAdoo, James    

McAdoo, John    

McAdoo, Mongo    

Marshal, James    

Marshal, John    

Marshal, Samuel    

Martin, Robert    

Martin, William    

McAward, Owen    

McCalkin, Edward    

McCallan, Francis    

McCallen, James    

McCally, Edward    

McCarron, William    

McCasland, Andrew    

McClearn, William    

McClintock, Alexander    

McClintock, Daniel    

McClintock, James    

McClintock, John    

McClintock, Joseph    

McClintock, Robert    

McClintock, Thomas    

McCloud, John    

McComb, James     

McConnel, Robert    

McConnell, Alexander    

McConnell, Andrew    

McConnell, John    

McConnell, William    

McCrab, Abraham    

McCrab, James    

McCrab, Joseph    

McCrab, Mathew    

McCracken, William    

McCrea, James    

McDevitt, James    

McElwee, George    

McGarra, William    

McGettigin, Thomas    

McGhee, James    

McGhee, Patrick    

McGill, Samuel    

McGinlay, Michael    

McGirr, James    

McIntire, Jeremiah    

Mitchel, Robert    

Mitchell, Andrew    

Mitchell, William    

Mitchell, William, Sr.    

McKain, George    

McKain, James    

McKain, John    

McKain, Joseph    

McKean, James    

McLaughlin, John    

McMonagle, Neal    

McMorris, Thomas    

McMullen, Alexander    

McNaught, Thomas    

McNulty, Hugh    

McNulty, James    

McNulty, John    

Monteeth, George    

Monteeth, Robert    

Moody, Samuel    

Moore, Thomas    

Morrow, James    

Motheral, James    

Orr, David    

Orr, James    

Orr, Jane    

Orr, Mathew    

Orr, Robert    

Osburn, James    

Osburn, Thomas    

Park, Andrew    

Park, Anne    

Patterson, Joseph    

Patton, James    

Patton, Thomas    

Pinkerton, Anne    

Porter, Alexander    

Porter, James    

Porter, Nathan    

Porter, Samuel    

Porterfield, John    

Porterfield, Morrah    

Quin, Bryan    

Ralston, John    

Ralston, Joseph    

Ralston, Robert    

Rankin, Benjamin    

Rankin, David    

Rankin, George    

Rankin, John    

Rankin, Samuel    

Rankin, Widow ?    

Rankin, William    

Rodgers, Alexander    

Rodgers, Mathew    

Rodgers, William    

Roulston, Andrew    

Roulston, John    

Roulston, Joseph    

Scott, Mrs. ?    

Shaw, Walter    

Smilay, Robert    

Smith, Andrew    

Smith, Anthony    

Smith, David    

Smylay, James    

Smyth, James    

Speer, Robert    

Stafford, James    

Starret, Adam    

Steen, James    

Steen, John    

Steen, Joseph    

Sterratt, Moses    

Stevenson, Andrew    

Stevenson, James    

Stevenson, John    

Taylor, James    

Teas, James    

Teenan, John    

Thompson, Andrew    

Thompson, James    

Thompson, Samuel    

Vance, John    

Vance, Robert    

Ward, Hugh    

Wark, Henry    

Wason, Archibald    

Wason, William    

Watson, John    

Watson, William    

White, Robert    

Wiley, James    

Wiley, Richard    

Williams, John    

Willock, Robert    

Wilson, James    

Wilson, Robert    

Woods, James    

Woods, Margery    

Wright, James    



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