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Society of St Vincent de Paul Conference of Saint Baithin


When the St Vincent de Paul Society came to St Johnston, the meetings were first held in Mc Cauley's Rooms.  It was decided to move to St Baithin's School, Blueball, St Johnston and the first meeting took place there on November 9, 1970.  This school closed and so the meetings then took place in the new school, St Johnston, with the first meeting being held on 5 May 1980.  The conference began to use the St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre on 20 Feb '06.

The meetings continued mostly on a weekly basis, on Monday nights but in recent years have been called every fortnight.  Meetings took place on Monday nights at 8.00 pm but since 25 April '02 have been at 7.30 pm.


Joe Peoples

Joe Mc Ginley (School Principal of St Baithin's - retired summer 1983, a Supper Dance was held to mark his retirement in the Old School, Blueball) elected 27 Feb 84.  He had been a member of the society for over 25 years.

Joe Bovaird (elected President on 5 Oct '92)

James McLaughlin  (President from late '95 until he stepped down from Presidency 12 July 99)

Bobby McNulty (12 July 99)


Joe Peoples (President)

Joe McGinley (Vice President)

Leonard Browne

George Friel, Carrigans

Canon Cunnea (Spiritual Director) - he always read the Society prayers at meetings

Joe Coll, Classygowan, St Johnston

Hughie Dillon, Church Lane

Joe Mahon, Ballylennon, St Johnston

John Boyce

Charlie O Donnell, Ard Baithin (Joined August '76, until his death April 5 '84)

Jim McLaughlin (joined 21 Aug 78 after moving to the Glentown area of the parish.  He had been a member of the Society in Convoy for 15 years)

Meetings took place at 8.00 pm during the seventies


Joe Mahon

Leonard Browne

Arthur McLoone (Schoolmaster with St Baithins, joined SVP 8 June '81)

Tommy Dillon

Declan Crawford, Ard Baithin (joined 12 March '84)

Hughie Dillon, Killea became Vice-President when Vice-President Joe McGinley became president in Feb '84

Joe Bovaird, (Joined St Baithin's Conference January 13 1986 and retired 31 Dec '07)

Joe Coll (Vice-President for a time during the 80s)

Danny Gillespie (joined 28 Sept '87)

Brendan McNulty, Altaskin (joined 2 October '88)

Fr Dan Carr (became Spiritual Director 10 Oct '88)

Joe McGinley (died Letterkenny Hospital Wed 16 Sept '92, 9.10 am.  Funeral Mass in St Baithin's Church, 2 pm on 18 Sept and the funeral took place to Bel Cruit, where Fr Carr officiated at the graveside)

During 1986, Canon Cunnea, Joseph McGinley, Leonard Browne, Joe Coll, Hughie Dillon, George Friel, Declan Crawford, Joe Mahon, John Boyce, Joe Bovaird, Arthur McLoone and Danny Gillespie were listed as members in the Attendance Roll.


Desmond Lynch (joined 5 Oct '92)

Seamus Kelly (became Vice-President 5 Oct '92)

Jim McLaughlin (President from late '95 until he stepped down from Presidency 12 July 99)

Joe Mahon

Patrick Gormley (joined 3 Feb '97)

Maureen McLaughlin (joined 23 June '97)

Leonard Browne (Treasurer - he left Society 13 April '98, Died 20 Feb '99)

Bobby Mc Nulty (joined 11 May '98, elected President 12 July '99)

MEMBERS 2000-2009

Bobby Mc Nulty, President

Patrick Gormley

Lexie Ross, Carrigans (joined 7 Feb '00)

Harry Browne, Creatland (joined 17 Jan '00)

Joe Bovaird (left 31 Dec 07, he was secretary)

Jim McLaughlin

Teresa Dowds (joined Nov '08)

Kathleen Coll (joined Nov '08)

Joe Mahon (died 16 Feb '09, Lifford Hospital)

Maureen McLaughlin (renewed membership in Jan '09)