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Thank you so much!

As webmaster of this website, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have helped me over the years to put it together.  Thanks to St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre who have funded the fees for having the website online.  Thanks to Mary Crossan, Co-Ordinator of St Johnston and Carrigans Family Resource Centre, for double-checking the website for me and for information and advice and organising funding.  Thanks to Eamon O Connor who kindly gave me a scanner to use to help me carry out this project.    Thanks to William Holmes (Liam) whose information about the Glentown Quarry was invaluable.  Thanks to the members of History Links/Taughboyne History Group.  The members are Hugh Doherty, Mary Doherty, Ann Donnell, Andrew Donnell, Stephen Hunter, Colm Clarke, Bernie Gamble, Jim McKean, Jean McKean, Hilary Rolston, Frank McGurk, Eamonn Gillespie, Jim Devenney, Gillian Graham, Jim Graham, Andrew Donnell, Kevin McFadden and Emer Shea.  Thanks to the Graham Family Museum.  Thanks to Ronan McConnell.  Thanks to Frankie Brown and Patsy O Hagen.  Thanks to Stephen McNamee.  Thanks to Donna Holmes.  Thanks to Josephine Duncan for permission to use her photographs in her book Memories of Monreagh National School.  Thanks to Mary McNulty who supplied most of the photos of St Baithin's Parish Band.  Thanks to Alec Carlin.  Thanks to all who came to me during the Beltaine Festival in 2004 to provide me with photographs for display in the centre and which were also used on the website.  Thanks to Joe Peoples. Thanks to Lexie Ross. Thanks Violet Gibson and Bertha Gamble.  Thanks to Julie Costello. Thanks to William Holmes. Thanks to Canon David Crooks.  Thanks to Isobel Gibson, Murray and Tommy Crawford, Teresa (nee Bovaird) Neely Scotland, Bridie Lynch, Bridget McKenna of Lifford and formerly of Station House Carrigans, Frank McGurk, Joe Bovaird, Veronica Whoriskey, Margaret and Bobby McNulty, Donna O' Neill, Mary Kerr - CE Supervisor, Jimmy Bovaird, Teresa Neely formerly Brown of Ard Baithin, Eddie McCausland, Sarah McMenamin, Mary Brown and Sadie Gormley.  Thanks to Winnie and Ian McCracken.  We remember Margaret Campbell who supplied me with photographs to use.  Thanks to Patsy O' Hagan.  Thanks to Alec Carlin for photographs and for information.  Thanks to Kieran Wilson and Gay and Beck McCrossan for data supplied on St Baithin's Church.  Thanks to Stephen and Patricia Brown, Dunmore.  Thanks to Natasha Johnston who supplied cuttings re Matthew Peoples.  Thanks to Evelyn Creagh.  Thanks to David Huber.  Thanks to Donegal Historical Society for its interest and assistance - including rare copies of materials on Mongavlin Castle.  Thanks to Anna Moody.  Thanks to Ewan Duffy of  Thanks to Father Oliver McCrossan who did some research for the site and provided me with photographs and articles and who interviewed Mary Bradley.  Thanks to Tom and Rebecca Hamilton who allowed me to copy many important items and old postcards.  Thanks to Sadesh O Donnell for offering advice and help in relation to the website.  Thanks to Taughboyne ICA for article about themselves forwarded to me by them.  Thanks to John McCrossan, Carol McCrossan, George Friel and Katherine Veriuex. Thanks to Ireland's Own, Wexford.  Thanks to Helen Roulston whose booklet on the history of Monreagh Church that was written by her husband Bertie was invaluable for my research.  Thanks to Pearl Miller for helping me find valuable information.  Thanks to Phonsie Brown who gave me the information on the spy one-man German plane that crashed locally during the Second World War.  Thanks to Colm McDaid for advice and information.  Thanks to Ann McLoughlin, Buncrana.  We remember Jonathan Campbell with gratitude.  And we remember his mother Daisy Campbell with gratitude.  Thanks to Sammy Bovaird for letting me scan his photos.  Thanks to Josephine Martin of Mount Royd Bed and Breakfast, Carrigans. We remember Marion Shepherd who did wonderful research which was posthumously forwarded to me for my use.  Thanks to Marion Crawford.  Thanks to Leonard Roarty, Manorcunningham.  Thanks to all at Monreagh Ulster-Scots Centre.  Thanks to all who left messages on the guest book.   Thanks as well to the various newspapers that have given the website coverage and free advertising over the years and who have complied articles based on it that further helped bring attention to it.

Thanks to all who have kindly posted greetings and information on the guestbook and who have linked to the website.

It is impossible to thank everybody individually and every contribution however small is extremely valuable.

Thanks again for your help. May your help continue for this is a website that by its nature will always hopefully grow and improve.  This is a website that is never meant to be finished!

Patrick Gormley, St Johnston, 2015

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