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In the late 1970's, Rebecca Hamilton, St Johnston, received the ability to help cure shingles. Shingles is a viral infection and is feared for it causes nerve pain and sometimes leaves marks on the skin. Flu like symptoms may happen.

Rebecca's phone rings all the time with shingles victims asking for the "woman with the cure".

Rebecca gives the cure for ringworm, mouth ulcers, cold sores as well as shingles. She insists that people should also seek the attention of conventional medicine. The cure is in the form of secret prayers and a set of actions is involved. For shingles, the cure was done with a penknife action. And for ringworm you use a candle. But today Rebecca uses prayers alone.

Rebecca says, "I was given the gift of the cure 40 years ago while on holiday in Austria. We fell in with an older couple. She had fallen and broken her elbow and her husband Jack couldn't help her into the toilet or things like that so I did. We got talking, started to spend meal times with them and they told us Jack had the cure for shingles and ringworm. My own husband Tom would often take people to a lady close to where we lived to get "the cure". It was something we had a belief in and knew all about. Back then Jack, who was an elder in the Church at Millisle, was in his seventies and they had no family. I said to him he would have to pass it on before his time came. He came down to breakfast the next morning and said having thought about it he wanted me to take it." Millisle is in County Down.

Rebecca had no idea if the cure would work on animals. She tried it on a flock of sheep with orf. Orf is very like the human disease of shingles. It is very painful and can be passed from sheep to humans. Like shingles, it is caused by a virus. Three days after Rebecca administered the cure to the sheep the farmer reported them clear of the disease.

Rebecca says the cure does nothing for psoriasis or eczema. The rule for passing on the cure is that it can only be passed on to a person of the opposite sex. She passed the cure on to her son in law who passed it on to his wife.