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St Johnston & Carrigans


The above newspaper report, taken from the Derry Standard in October 1938, outlines a 'battle' between local Catholics and Orangemen, who were returning from the Twelfth of August celebrations in Derry, which took place in the village of Carrigans on the night of 13th August, 1938.

A bit of fisticuffs might describe the situation better, perhaps.

What might seem strange, or perhaps not so strange, was that most of the men involved, knew each other well and normally would not have been engaged in such behaviour, but when the drink was in and the old politics of Green and Orange was thrown into the mix, tempers got a bit frayed.

But nobody was seriously hurt and the matter resulted only in a 'day out' in court, where a few shillings of fines were handed down. The well known local ----, was among those who had to hand over the princely sum of five shillings, as a fine. There doesn't seem to be any reports in the following year's papers of a 're-match!' Thankfully, since then, all the citizens of Carrigans have lived side by side, in complete harmony.