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Altaghderry (Alt Achadh Doire) National School, Killea 1901-1967

The school was built on land purchased from the estate of Colonel William McClintock; for the poor children of the parish. It opened on Tuesday 1st October 1901 and an extension was added in 1935.

The first principal, from 1901-1937, was Mr. McMonagle. His successor was Paddy McDermott from 1937 until the school closed.

Pupils got holidays for the annual Blackberry picking harvest and summer holidays in 1914 are on record as being from 28th August to 12th September. A whooping cough epidemic in 1916 lasted for five weeks followed by a Measles epidemic in 1918. The school closed in April 1967.

By Hugh Doherty

Here is a story from a pupil from 1938 which can be found on the duchas website.

The Local Forge

There are a few forges in our parish. The smiths names are Tom Burke, James McCallion, Bob Nixon and Robert Rob. Their people have been smiths for many years. Robert Robs forge is situated on the side of the road and there is a stream runs on the other side. Tom Burkes forge is near a cross-roads. It is situated on the side of the road. James McCallions forge is situated on the side of the road near a stream. Bob Nixons forge is situated on the side of the road. The roof of Robs forge is wood and tarred. The door is in two halves. Tom Burke has a slate floor and a polly door. James McCallions roof is of wood and the door is in two halves. Bob Nixons roof is thatch.

The smith uses a hammer, knife, rasp, nippers, anvil and vice. The smith makes farm implements such as, ploughs, harrows, spades, pikes and axes.

Tom Glenn, Kildrum, Carrigans, Co. Donegal. Material obtained from Tom Glenn. Altaderry NS.