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Autumn Leaves

by Alexander Doherty (Watchman)

(From Castletown to Craighadoes, Mongavlin, Brogan's Ferry, Drumenon and Clonleigh, Raphoe, Convoy, Ardagh and St Johnston.  All through the winding lane of Memory)

As down the steep rode I at evening time,

When Autumn dew is sweet and gently fall,

The air was still, sweet the distant chime,

That vibrant note to evening vespers call,

Faith in the heart of all who answer well,

O'er many a weary mile that lay between,

A happy home wherein the faithful dwell,

Eternal love has crowned a happy scene.

Great Nature's Law, Laws for all ordain,

High and Low upon life's chartered way,

Joy and triumph soar or trials sustain,

Grief and Sorrow each shall have a day,

Green are the fields and green remain,

Trees were green now turned to gold,

Boys once were we, but now as men,

The world springs new as ages grow,

Well filled the haggard beyond the trees,

Thatch, Rope and straw on its appointed place.

Well trimmed rick fro freshening breeze

With cap of green bound with fairy lace.

Orchards Smiling through departed leaves,

Like diamond sapphires in evening sun

Hang ripening fruit and from the eaves

Grey sparrows make unending run,

Oh happy land, Bless thy fertile soil,

Oh happy people born to work and prayer,

With God to guide and strength to toil,

With heart and help goes will and power.

Thus came at morn, winds of Autumn Chill

Fluttering leaves fell down like flakes of gold

Spring shall fill the breach new life to unfold.


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