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St Johnston & Carrigans

The Carlin family and connections
by Alec Carlin

The Carlin Brothers

Their father, Alex Carlin

His wife, Kathleen Carlin

The Carlin Family

My uncle John, his mother and my father Eddie

My great aunts


My grandmother Kathleen, her sisters and uncle Dan

My grandparents

My grandfather and family

Baithin Carlin and Willie John Carr and friend


Alec Carlin's grandmother's sisters

John Rodger

Pictures kindly donated by Alec Carlin, Blueball, 2013


Message  from Paddy Bond:

I know most of the older men but the younger ones I can't.  Left to right - Hugh Toland, my father John Bond, Seamus Crossan, Tom Toland, John Toland (gent. John), Bob McCready, Paddy Toland ...

John Watson Alec's wife's grandfather is depicted in this picture