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Christopher McNulty never missed a day at St Baithin's School

Anyone going to school next season can now take a leaf out of Christopher Mc Nultys book. The twelve year old from Main Street, St Johnston, left St Baithins National school a few weeks ago and will now prepare for the big step into secondary school next year. However , before Christopher left St Baithins he made a little bit of history!

Christopher during his eight years at school has never missed a single day. He hasn’t suffered from flu ’cold’ nor has he ever slept in!

“It is an exceptional achievement” said principal Kathleen Burke who presented Christopher with his certificate. Christopher never liked subjects such as Maths or Irish, but that didn’t deter the young Man United fan from attending. There are on average between 165 and 182 days in a school year, these may vary but 100% of the time the average student would miss at least one day due to sickness, I wonder how keen he will be next year when attending the vocational jungle in Raphoe!"

Written 1999