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Coll Family, including Parents of Paddy Coll, 210 Ard Baithin, St Johnston

The Colls depicted lived at Moneymore Newtowncunningham.  Later some of the remaining family members moved to Drumbarnett. 

Paddy Coll married Jennie Neely from Kennaghan, Manorcunningham, who he met when she was a servant girl with the Roulston family Moneymore. 

The girl depicted is Susan Coll who never married and who lived in Derry. 

Susan had a daughter Mary.  Mary had children of her own and lived in Wales.

Mary married Lawton.

Her mother Elizabeth Coll is depicted.  She is buried facing the entrance of the old chapel Newtowncunningham which was demolished in the 1990's.

Mary with her son Arthur

Angela Mary's daughter

Susan is buried in the City Cemetery.




Andy Coll depicted below



Lizzie Martin and Andy Coll wedding below.

Jimmy Coll who died in 1991 had an interesting ornament. It was retrieved from his home Drumbarnett following his death. It was a glazed earthenware figure group of Robert Burns and Mary Campbell (Highland Mary) dateing from the mid 19th century. It was probably made in Staffordshire. Its base is inscribed 'BURNS HD (Highland) MARY'. I do not know where he got it. According to tradition, Burns asked Mary Campbell (Highland Mary) to marry him while he was still betrothed to Jean Armour. Mary was a Highland maid-servant who lived close to Burns' home at the time. Mary returned to Argyll to prepare for the marriage, but unfortunately died. Burns married Jean Armour in 1788.

Jimmy Coll was a soldier