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More St Johnston Cricket Club images from the past

St Johnston supporters at All Ireland Senior Cup Final September 1987

St Johnston Cricket Team, 1955

Back row left to right, S Gibbons - umpire    James Mc Laughlin    Alex Rutherford    Bobbie McLaughlin    Bobbie Taylor    Paddy O Donnell    Jackie Taylor    B McCrae    D Cunningham - umpire   

Front row   J B Shannon - scorer and club secretary    George Sheils       Bobbie Patterson        T B Rankin (club president)     Willie Stevenson    John Lynch

JB Shannon died in 2005.  George Sheils in 1995.  Paddy O Donnell in 1996.

The above men were members of St Johnston Cricket Club which was formed in the 1890's.  The Club gained much recognition during the 1930's. 

The North West Senior Cup and also the Faughan Valley Cup was won in 1975.  The Faughan Valley Cup was won again in 1976.   In 1978, and 1982, the Senior Cup was won again.

The North West Senior League was won in 1984 for the first time!

Another version..


Late 1930s.  This photograph was taken just prior to a match with City of Derry. 

Back row depicts Robert McLaughlin, Bertie Stevenson, John Taylor, Jack Rankin, James McLaughlin, Josias Rankin, John Patterson, Bob McCausland

Front Row, Willie Stevenson, Jim McKean, Sam Alexander, Anthony McElhinney, Willie Alexander.


1959 - Senior Cup Team, St Johnston Cricket Club

Front Row, Reverend S M McSparron, J Patterson, Hughie O Donnell, J Taylor, Paddy O Donnell

Back Row, B Peoples, D O Donnell, W McKean, A Rutherford, V Craig, B Patterson

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