St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal

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A special function was held in St Johnston on Sunday 27 June 1993 to welcome home Fr Joseph John Gillespie, Legionaries of Christ.  The parish band was there and there was a function in St Baithin's School.

Depicted below are Fr Dan Carr PP St Johnston, Fr Joseph Gillespie, Fr Niall Coll (originally from St Johnston based in Rome) and Father Joseph O Donnell (originally from St Johnston based in Letterkenny).

Fr Gillespie was ordained in Cheshire, Connecticut, USA, Christmas Eve, 1992 by Bishop Paul S Loverde D.D., V.G., Auxiliary Bishop of Hartford.  He trained for the priesthood in Rome, Salamanca and Mexico.

At the Homecoming Mass, his sister Mary Crossan and brother Robert Gillespie did the readings.  Father Paddy Hannigan and Father Peter McKenna were among the concelebrating priests.