St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal



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Mrs McSparran

Margaret Mary McSparran died in 1999.  She was 83.  She was the wife of the Reverend Malcolm McSparran.  The headstone sums up her musical vocation: A Talented, Musically Gifted Lady. 

She founded the Laggan Choir and trained it.  She was its conductor.  She was an adept pianist.  She lived in the manse at Monreagh which is now the Monreagh Ulster Scots Heritage and Education Centre.

Back Row

Jean-Ann Rankin, Anona Rankin, Isobel Tease, Sheila Rankin, Irene McClelland, Helen Smyth, Daphne Moore

Second Row

Ruth McSparron, David Rankin, Sandra Magee, Christine Black, Elma Duncan, Sandra Moore

Front Row

John Tease, Ruby Roulston, Eileen Black, Mrs McSparran, Eileen Magee, Christina Black, Barbara Rankin, Louise Rankin, Claire McSparran