St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal

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At the Milltown

A Reverie


Where do the people go early to bed?

Where does the sun very early shine red?

Where are the earliest "spuds" to be had?

        At the Milltown.


Where does the burn running down, turn the mill?

Where do the fishes in there have their fill?

Where on this earth is the old "shelling" hill?

        At the Milltown.


Where is the happiest spot on this earth?

Where is it slander has never found a berth?

Where do the natives enjoy  quiet mirth?

        At the Milltown.


Why do the farmers folks every day come?

Why every day does machinery hum?

Why the old writing, "all roads lead to Rome"?

        At the Milltown.


Why is it all found here that is great?

Why does "the glen" often run down in "spate"?

Why does King William's bridge stand there in state?

        At the Milltown.


Why is it gardens so fair, furnish fruit?

Why is it cattle and sheep are so mute?

Why is it here you find fiddle and flute?

        At the Milltown.


Why do the ducks swim around in the pond?

Why the rocks over it never lose bond?

Why is it auctioneers don't require bail?

        At the Milltown.


Where is the cottage that's not "by the sea?"

Where does the chimney smoke rise full and free?

Where are the boys and girls; - pairs that are three?

        At the Milltown.


Where is the dwelling, unmentioned before?

Where is the blue-painted porch at the door?

Where are the friends that there sit round its floor?

        At the Milltown.


What is the reason that everything's right?

What is the cause for its ne'er being night?

What is the promise for not feeling fright?

        At the Milltown.


Who are the neighbours near this famous of fames?

Who need object to say suitable names?

Who?  Moody, A.; Rankin, D.; and A. Callan James.

        At the Milltown.

"The Milltown" lies about half a mile from St. Johnston, in a north-westerly direction.  the mills and farm attached are the property of Mr. Thomas Millar, and situated near a deep glen, which is a scene of surpassing grandeur in the summer."



JUNE 20TH, 1910.

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