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This is a poem that was put to music and sung locally


The more I am no poet, I hope you all do know it

Its here I mean to show it, these few lines to compose:

Concerning a fair flower Dawn on yon shady bower

I mean to show my power, these few lines to compose.


She swore she would never marry nor with no other tarry

In hopes for to get married to the lad she did adore

As it's for Alexander he raged in wrath and anger

He swore he would demand her, from her own true lover's side.


Been early the next evening, they brought her to Mongevlin

In hopes for to get sailing to some far foreign shore

When Willie her own true lover come sailing down the river

with fifty heroes clever, the Castle they did surround,

then Willie the bold Commander spoke in to Alexander

"Come hand me out my charmer or death will be your doom".


"I will burn your barns and byres, your Castle I'll set on fire

I'll burn to all desire, desolation I will bring on". 

The doors were opened quickly, she was handed out respectfully

And homeward bound directly they brought Miss Sara fair

The joybells they were ringing; the small birds sweetly singing

The jugs and glasses clinking to welcome home the pair.

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