St Johnston and Carrigans Donegal



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St. Johnston, Co. Donegal

 When I want to get away from it all

I set off for St. Johnston in Donegal

Into the far North West

To the place I love best


I stop off at a hillside cottage

On the outskirts of the village

Overlooking the silvery waters of the Foyle

Amidst fields wherein farmers slave to the soil


I wander down station road

To the banks of Egg Quay

Boats are mooring by the load

In this haven of tranquillity


I trudge stealthily in the mucky water

Hoping for a glimpse of a shy otter

As wild geese soar in the air

Towards the horizon somewhere


The old Railway Bridge in the background,

In former glory, once rumbled to the sound

Of the Great Northern line in times past

Chugging into St. Johnston from Belfast


Worshippers flock to St. Baithin’s

Saturday evening mass soon begins.

In this country chapel by the roadside

Of such beauty marvelled far and wide.


The craic is mighty in the fisherman’s inn

With a rousing sing song and a fine drop of gin

For a bit of live music there’s Toland’s Bar

At the foot of main street, not too far


The weekend is now over

And I’m off again like a rover

To the big smoke in Dublin City

But for me it is not a pity


I have the best of both worlds they say

And can return to St. Johnston another day

My childhood home

I write of in this poem


Paula Lynch


St Johnston