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Residents Road rage finally over?  Report from 1999

Well it seems as if our minds have been put to rest once and for all on the case of the disappearing workers at the deserted roadworks at the St Johnston Bridge. No we don’t have another ‘bermuda triangle’ it was simply a case of a lot of red tape. The total estimated cost of the development was estimated to be somewhere in the region of between £150,000 and £200,00

Whilst Donegal County Council were waiting for the remainder of the money to be allocated we were left looking at a “site” which caused many sore eyes.

Well at the moment it is safe to say that progress has been made and we are assured that the completion date is not far off. The new and improved road was officially opened by various local councillors, funnily enough, during their electoral campaigns a few weeks ago!

Now that we are catching up with the rest of the modern world and getting more developed roads perhaps it won't be long until we get to the stage of campaigning for a road like the one in the picture! We can always dream! Report by Ellen Doherty