St Johnston - Carrigans     ~ Co Donegal.

The Churches of St Johnston and Carrigans

History of Local Churches

Ruined Church, Old Cemetery St Johnston

Old Graveyard

Stone marking first Monreagh Church

St Baithin's RC Church, St Johnston

Inside St Baithin's Church

Cemetery Adjoining St Baithin's

St Johnston Presbyterian Church

St Johnston Presbyterian Manse

St Johnston Congregational Church

Taughboyne Church, Church of Ireland

Site of former RC Chapel

Killea Parish Church

View of Killea Parish Church Cemetery

Craighadoes Chapel of Ease

Ballylennon Presbyterian Church

Monreagh Presbyterian Church

Monreagh Church Old Photographs

Taughboyne Rectory

Manse St Johnston early 1930's postcard picture

Taughboyne Church early 1900's

Masonic Hall St Johnston early 1930's

Ministers of Monreagh

Lourdes April 1987

Orange Hall Postcard Picture from early 1900's

St Johnston AOH Band at Carfin in Scotland 1937

St Johnston Presbyterian Church Postcard Pictures from 1930s and early 1900's

Choir St Baithin's with Mrs White late 1950's

St Baithin's Chapel Postcard Picture posted 1909

Confirmation Photos - St Baithin's Church 1952

More Confirmation Photos - St Baithins 1952

Joseph Gillespie Homecoming Sunday 20 June 1993

Doon Well, popular pilgrimage site from the past for locals

Bishop McFeely and Archdeacon Deeney

Reverend Alexander Lecky's funeral 1929

Reverend Hanna

At Killea Chapel Opening 1954