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St Johnston & Carrigans

Video of St Johnston and Carrigans 1967

Joe Peoples and Willie Coll Postmen are in it.

Maggie Devenny also filmed.  She lived beside Bridie Houston.

Photographs from

St Johnston and Carrigans

in Days of Old



Earliest Ever St Johnston Photograph - late 1800's

Earliest Ever Carrigans Photograph

St Johnston Postcard Pictures from early 1900's

Carrigans Postcard Pictures from early 1930's

Carrigans Postcard Pic

Boathole, St Johnston, early 1930's

Postcard - Various Images

A Postcard from St Johnston

Snow St Johnston - 28/12/2000

Main St, St Johnston, pics

House - Churchtown early 1900's

St Johnston Quay around 1910

Quay 1949

View of St Johnston Old Postcard

Main Street St Johnston in 1935

Jonathan Campbell's Local Photos

The area in 2002/03

Blueball, St Johnston - Stopping point for the Royal Mail Carriage like the one in this picture

Uncompressed postcards of Carrigans/St Johnston from decades gone by


William Bell's Shop St Johnston  - boot and shoe seller

Main Street at Goldens 1982

Robert Jackson Carrigans shoemaker

CCCP Motor Factors 1994

Main Street from Tolands Shop

Wilkin's Shop Carrigans

Lynch's Bar - St Johnston

Postcard Pictures of Quigley's Shop, St Johnston

EJ White's Premises - Postcard Photo

1949 Tolands Shop St Johnston


St Johnston Community Playgroup 1991

Building Castletown School 1962

Castletown School, Old and New

Craighadoes School, Pupils 1963

Monreagh Pupils 1927, 1930 and 1979

Drumucklagh National School in the old days

Drumucklagh National School photo found 2014

Oldest Known Photo from Drumucklagh

Drumucklagh National School Late 1970's

Drumucklagh School Closing, 1980

Ardagh National School 1920

Scoil an Leinbh Iosa Opening

From Paper, St Baithin's Old School

St Baithin's New National School early 1980's

St Baithin's National School early 1980's

St Baithin's School, Blueball, early 1940s Pic No 1

St Baithin's School, Blueball, early 1940s Pic No 2

St Johnston National School No 1 Pupils 1941

St Baithin's National School at Blueball in 1941

1909 Postcard Picture of St Johnston No 1 School

St Johnston No 1 School Pupils - 1914

Castletown Pupils 1922-23

Castletown School, Old Photograph

Castletown School oldest images

Castletown National School

School Photo

Ardagh National School 1920

Craigadoes School Outing Around The Mid 1930’s

St Johnston No 1 School Pupils - 1914

1909 Postcard Picture of St Johnston No 1 School

Past Pupils - Drumucklagh

Teachers - St Baithin's School early 1980's

Drumbeg -  Raphoe

Boyagh School

Monreagh School with teachers residence attached


Kildrum Tigers Presentations 1977

Kildrum Tigers Veterans 1994

St Johnston Cricket Club

Cricket Club booklet 1959

Rabbit Hunters at Kinnycally - mid-1980's

Kildrum Tigers 1950s

Kildrum Tigers Presentation Photos

Rabbit Hunters

Sam Maguire Cup visits St Baithin's School in 1993

Race Against Time


St Johnston railway photographs from the mid-sixties courtesy of Lee McDaid

O Dea Photographs 1964 and 1965

Railway Photos - St Johnston 1960's

Railway Photos - Carrigans 1960's


James Crawford - the last blacksmith

St Johnston Quay, 1949

Farm Labourers at Joshie Rankin's Farm

Brothers Willie and Paddy Ross, ploughing at Newtownhamilton

The Field Workers

Life in the old days - milking goat, famine pot, jaunting car

Water Problems Carrigans 1950s

Carrigans Flax Mill 1941

White's Filling Station, St Johnston mid-sixties

1949 Men at Tolands Shop St Johnston

Locals working in Donegal Fertiliser in Carrigans

Men working at the Potatoes

Carrigans men in 1990s


Old Wedding Photo

Rose Curran and Billy Duddy Marriage 1958

Tom Quinn and Mary Lynch, Wedding 1914

Eunan and Margaret Crumlish 1966

Double Wedding 1963 Taughboyne Church

Wedding of John Bovaird and Bella Harrigan


Carnival Photos Late 70s

Carnival "Costa St Johnston"

Carnival in 1980 from the papers

Carnival Photos from paper 1979


Mary Jane (Dugan) Ward and her family

James Quigley - died Battle of the Somme 1916

The McFadden Family with Annie and Mary Doran

Mickey Sheils Cavanacaw

"Wee Pat" Pat O Donnell

Eugene Crawford and Veronica Devine Hibernian Hall

The Pearsons of Craighadoes 1920's

Bella Ryan nee McBrearty

The Carlin Family

Colm and Baithin Carlin Building a Boat

Rosaleen and Charlie Coyle

Eddie McBrearty and Maggie 1989 Golden Wedding

Photo of Local Woman from Victorian Times

Locals at Fermoy late 1960's

Couple in Photo

Diver family members - St Johnston

Group of People at Rockfield, St Johnston 1954

Sammy Bovaird and Friends

An image of a hearth from 1936 - a familiar sight then

Coll Family

Nurse Rita Pearson

Dr White

Men's Initiative 2009 - Trip to Doagh Famine Village

Stone Deek Fishermen

Mary Houston - with her daughter Bridget

A Family from Long Ago

Joe and John Gibson and Dan Cassidy

Three men from some years ago!

Trevor and Bertie in the early nineties

Two Men and a Chair - Postcard

1962, Frank, Hughie and Barney in Buncrana

Two soldiers - Irish Army 1942

Men in Field - Mid-1950s

Men and Boys on Tractor

Outside Toland's Shop

Misc Photos 1

Misc Photos 2

Misc Photos 3

Misc Photos 4

Misc Photos 5

Misc Photos 6

Locals at St Eunan's College Late 1960's

Life in Ard Baithin 1

Life in Ard Baithin 2

Life in Ard Baithin 3

Local Men at Market Square, Letterkenny

Two Old Photos

Eddie McCausland

Ard Baithin July 1966

Lynch Sisters

Photos - The Gallagher Family

Photos - The Quinn Family

Photos - The Gibson Family

Quinn Children at Drumucklagh 1926

Mysterious Woman

Misc Old Photos

Pics of St Johnstoners!

Toland's Corner 1954

Daisy Campbell and Friends

Misc photos from Donegal: Aran, Teelin, Mulroy

PHOTOS FOUND IN DERRY COLUMBKILLE A BOOK FROM 1899 - sadly there are no names

Aunt Mattie

Very old faded photo of a girl

Two elderly ladies

Woman in cloak

Glamorous girl

Lady in hat

Lady on bench

Seated lady and gent

Seated lady


Christmas Party 1956

Factory Bus Outing

Party New Year 1983 Jackson's Hotel

St Johnston Carnival

Mrs McSparran and her Laggan Choir

Xmas lights turned on Dec 2005

Sleighing in Ard Baithin 1953

Race Against Time Event, St Johnston mid 80s

Main Street at Goldens 1980

Pony and Trap


Mongavlin Castle - Old Pictures

Mongavlin Castle - photo from 1880s


ICA Jubilee Clippings from Newspaper 1980

ICA 1958

Social Services Xmas Party

Meals on Wheels 1968

Fundraising Event for Social Services

ICA Silver Jubilee

Social Services Xmas '66

Social Services Xmas Party in the seventies


The Beginning of the Resource Centre

Centre for Learning

Excellence through People Award

Visit to Stormont


St Baithin's Mixed Under-12 Choir Letterkenny Feis mid-1970s

St Johnston A.O.H March Letterkenny 1990

Black and White AOH Photo

Kinnically Band Confirmation Day - late 1940s

Hibernian Band Photo

St Baithin's Youth Band

Youth Band Parade

Youth Band Group Photos - original uniforms

Youth Band Group Photos - different uniform

Youth Band Newspaper Photo

Youth Band on Chapel Road

St Baithin's Band

Ancient Order of Hibernians AOH

Hibernian Hall, St Johnston featuring Fr Hannahoe and Archdeacon Deeney

AOH Band Marches in St Johnston 1935

St Johnston AOH, 15th August 1989 Donegal Town

Kinnycally Flute Band 1936

Hibernian Band at Sacristan's House

Tommy Peoples - Famous Musician and Composer

The Crescent Showband, 1960s


Obituary Archdeacon Deeney June 1966

Archdeacon Deeney and Killea Chapel

Confirmation 1993 Killea Parish Church

Communion Class late 1999's St Baithin's

Inscription - Erected by the Bishop of Raphoe 1626

Manse St Johnston early 1930's postcard picture

Taughboyne Church early 1900's

Taughboyne Rectory

Masonic Hall St Johnston early 1930's

Monreagh Church Old Photographs

Ministers of Monreagh

Lourdes April 1987

Parish Mission September 2004 St Baithins

At Killea Chapel Opening 1954

Orange Hall Postcard Picture from early 1900's

St Johnston AOH Band at Carfin in Scotland 1937

St Johnston Presbyterian Church Postcard Pictures from 1930s and early 1900's

Bishop O Doherty was a pupil of Carrigans and Monreagh schools

Choir St Baithin's with Mrs White late 1950's

St Baithin's Chapel Postcard Picture posted 1909

Confirmation Photos - St Baithin's Church 1952

More Confirmation Photos - St Baithins 1952

Confirmation Photo - St Baithins May 1955

 Dean Edwin Moore, Church of Ireland

Confirmation Photo 1952/53 - St Johnston

Joseph Gillespie Homecoming Sunday 20 June 1993

Doon Well, popular pilgrimage site of the past for locals

Bishop McFeely and Archdeacon Deeney

Reverend Alexander Lecky's funeral 1929

1899 article about St Baithen

At the Chapel

At Killea Chapel Opening 1954

Reverend Hanna